Maison Hendricks

Innovation Specialists


Maison Hendricks is built around the idea of collaboration between its members and with other actors of the industries. We re-style and re-think products and/or processes based on original ideas or in collaboration with other companies.

Maison Hendricks and its founders have always had one obsession in mind : rethinking the seemingly obvious.
This heartfelt aspiration meant that technology and design were embedded in Maison Hendricks’ DNA since its inception.

However, we stand against the use of technology serving no other intention than sheer ostentation. Just like we stand by our interest in human-oriented, harmonious, minimalistic designs.

Maison Hendricks is our answer to a world where design and innovative features are too often separated at birth. We work on improving life in modern society one craft at a time, and will relentlessly carry on doing so.



Everything starts here, this is where differences are made. Re-thinking and finding new purposes to products is what we love to do, and thankfully, what we excel at. Efficiency, harmony and innovation are instilled right at the start of the project and will be the guiding principles until completion.



When ideas take form through drafts and prototypes. This is the time of trials and tribulations. As a collective we give our utmost attention in order to achieve the goals set during the Ideation phase. We do not stop until all our goals are achieved, time is of the essence but putting out a product with great added value is the most important.



This step ensures the product's quality and the process' robustness. Testing must be done in lab conditions then in real life situation. this is where last changes can be done in order to perfect our craft.

MISSION 1 : the NeverFull Bin

Automating the process to optimize flows, facilitate Human labor, reduce cost and footprint

-Automatic bag change, storage capacity of 2 full bags and one active bag.

-Always available, dividing needs of collection by 3.

-Dividing time spent by workforce on each trashcan by 10 thanks to the automatic process.

-Monthly bag rolls,made from vegetal starch and recycled plastic.

-Solar powered and data-driven, giving you informations in real time and programming the shortest collection route.

- Made in France for Smart Cities and modern facilities


Web interface to plan and visualize collection

Set up a schedule for your team to follow

Monitor the state and the filling rate of each bin

Foresee and program the next purchase of bags directly online

Monitor the progression in real time

Instant Remote locking for security compliance

Available on any device